The “Andhra Pradesh Akademi of Sciences” (APAS), come into existence with the initiative of the great visionary Sri P.V.G. Raju, the then Education Minister, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, who mooted the formation of a forum for all scientists and researchers in the state. Thus, the “Andhra Pradesh Akademi of Sciences” (APAS) founded in 1963, comprises distinguished Scientists, Engineers, Technologists including Medical fraternity covering the entire spectrum of Science and Technology disciplines.

    The aims and objectives of the Akademi are mainly the advancement of science in Andhra Pradesh by providing a forum for discussing scientific developments, propagating scientific knowledge among the people and publication of books and Journals on Science.

    The Andhra Pradesh reorganization Act, 2014, enacted by the Indian Parliament, proclaimed the bifurcation of the Andhra Pradesh state into two states viz, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Consequent to this act, the A. P. Akademi of Sciences registered earlier under No: 552 of 1974, under the Andhra Pradesh (Telangana Area) Public Societies Registration Act, 1350 Fasli (Act. I of 1350 F), is also bifurcated into Andhra Pradesh Akademi of Sciences (APAS) and Telangana Academy of Sciences (TAS). The General Body elected the New Executive Council to A.P. Akademi of Sciences, which started functioning independently with effect from 30th April, 2015. Both Akademies, having similar objectives, also propose to continue to work in tandem to the extent possible.

    Both the Academies, having evolved and carved out of APAS, shall have equal claim on the history, activities carried out, contributions made by its esteemed Fellows and Members and awards received from its inception in 1963 till its bifurcation in April 2015. Thus the present perception of registration of Andhra Pradesh Akademi of Sciences in the State of Andhra Pradesh is to be conceived as an Akademi formed with the continued support of Govt. of Andhra Pradesh with a good standing since its inception in 1963.

  • Objectives:

    The objectives of the Akademi are:

    ■ The Advancement of Science in Andhra Pradesh

    ■To provide a forum for reading and discussing scientific papers.

    ■Propagation of scientific knowledge among people by organizing lectures, seminars, Symposia, tours and excursions, popular exhibitions and distribution of books of popular sciences.

    ■Establishment of a Science Museum.

    ■Establishment of a Library with a reading room to serve as a central library for all scientific workers.

    ■Publication of books and journals on science

    ■To secure and manage funds and endowments for the promotion of science.

    ■To assist voluntary science organizations.

    ■To do and perform all other acts, matters and things that may assist in, conduce to, or be necessary for the fulfillment of the above mentioned aims and objects of the Akademi.

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